9. Student Zone 2020

The winners of the first stage of the Student Zone 2020 competition

​Functionality and Form category

Functionality and Form category

​Not only appearance matters! In this category, designs for unusual packaging design solutions will be assessed. Innovative technologies, functions, security and packaging closures are elements taken into account in the Functionality and Form category. The innovativeness of solutions and perception of the recipient's needs will be assessed.

Opakowanie na cebulki

Author: Agnieszka Rosołowska
University: University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz 

Title: Packaging for flower bulbs

The material made from banana peels was used in a packaging for flower bulbs, which also used ecological paper and thread. The packaging has holes for air permeability. The pattern they create refers to the graphics on the label that represents the plant species. The material from the skins is organic waste. Packaging was created to reduce plastic waste found in traditional packaging of this type.


Author: Blanka Czubacka 
University: University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz 

Title: Well-being monitor Synza - medicine packaging

Synza packaging is a response to the growing number of cases of mental disorders, their stigmatization, and the deteriorating condition of Polish psychiatry. With daily use of the tablet, we peel off the sticker, marking how we feel, thanks to which we also know that the dose has not been missed. We combine the filled packaging without the blister with another one. In this way, we create a history of our well-being which is not only a help for the patient but also a source of information for the doctor.


Author: Pola Janiszewska

University: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

Title: Redo – packaging for sports footwear

The project was created for storage, transport and, above all, displaying sports shoes. Thanks to the appropriate cuts and creasing, we easily transform the box into a display for one of the shoes. The second remains hidden inside. The dynamic form refers to sport, development and movement. It helps to convey the character of contemporary sports footwear designs.


Author: Michał Prażmo  
University: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Title: Warzywek - packaging for vegetable and fruits

WARZYWEK is a packaging for vegetables and fruits. Its additional use is as a waste bin. After shopping, vegetables can be stored in one of the chambers, and waste and peels in the other. The chambers can be separated from each other with a simple motion after filling one of the rubbish with rubbish and directly thrown into a suitable container.
The packaging can be used in supermarkets, greengrocers, at markets.
His material was selected taking into account the waste segregation system.

Opakowanie na kieliszki

Author: Zuzanna Więcek 
University: Academy of Arts in Szczecin
Title: Opkiel – packaging for glasses

The packaging was designed for two glasses. They are placed vertically on top of each other. This is a "tailor-made" packaging. The glasses are fixed in it thanks to the selected dimensions as well as the closures and properties of the paper. They are separated from each other by a protective element so that they do not bump into each other. Concave elements fill the empty spaces, supporting the glasses. This packaging is made of one piece of paper, without the use of glue, and generates a small amount of waste.

Graphic Design category

Graphic Design category

It is a category addressed to graphic designers creating interesting graphic designs on packaging. Participants can use any packaging to create coherent graphic concepts. Interesting ideas, precise execution and uniqueness of the project will be assessed in this category. Participants can submit either label or graphic designs for the packaging of one product, or a coherent concept of visual identification of the entire product line.

Wina Fina

Author: Gabriela Ochalik 
University: Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław

Title: Wina Fina – wine labels

The project was created for a small vineyard, where most of the work is done manually. In accordance with this idea, cut-out labels are developed, an alternative to the prevailing design trend only on the screen. Graphic design is designed to create a joyful and warm mood, similar to the one that accompanies tasting wines in a family circle. The concept is based mainly on humor, which is expressed in a minifolder with a story about the adventures of Finn, who learns the flavors of the described wines.


Author: Balbina Fabia 
University: Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Title: Redesign series of chocolate packaging

Redesign included three packs of Heidi dark chocolate. Its main purpose was to distinguish chocolate on the store shelf from competing products and improve the readability of information on the packaging. The product has gained individual character due to the use of freehand graphic illustrations. A uniform, dark background and information on the percentage of cocoa on the label of each package give the whole series a coherent character.


Author: Wiktoria Falba 
University: University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz
Title: Yarnoodle - Packaging for yarn and wires

The project is inspired by Japanese culture and ramen soup - it uses storytelling and the funny similarity of yarn and wires to pasta and chopsticks.

Can be used as occasional or gift packaging. Made of bleached cardboard.


Author: Julia Gajska 
University: Cracow University of Technology
Title: SAGE – tea packaging

Graphic design for a can of tea drink. Earth colors and linear leaf shapes create an elegant composition, breaking the raw shade of aluminum.

opakowanie na sosy

Author: Magdalena Pieróg 
University: The Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Title: Packaging design for sauces made from the hottest peppers in the world

Packaging design for spicy sauces inspired by the periodic table of chemical elements. Packaging is associated with chemistry and danger. The sauces are in 30 ml dropper bottles, which makes it easy to dispense a small portion of the product. The front of the packaging shows the name of the pepper used, the amount of Scovilla, the level of sharpness, a symbol reminding of danger. The minimalist style and limited color palette makes the packaging easily recognizable.

Impression category

Impression category

Aesthetic, modern, surprising, defining the product packed in it and, above all, standing out on the shelf. That's what packaging should be in the Impression category. The design process is also important in this category. Unconventional ideas and impeccable packaging are the basic elements of project evaluation.


Author: Olaf Stachurski 
University: Academy of Arts in Szczecin
Title: Animki – Packaging for vitamins for children

​Characters of animals are to draw the attention of the youngest.
The project is about stimulating creativity. Each pack consists of the torso and head of the pet, buying different packaging options, children can let their imagination run wild and create their own hybrids. This is to encourage children to take vitamins and acquire healthy habits. Fun, entertainment and developing children's creativity. With each subsequent purchased packaging, the chance of combinations for mixing animals increases.

gun roses

Author: Bożena Augustyn

University: Pedagogical University of Kraków

Title: Guns N' Roses CD packaging

The project refers to the character and music of the band Guns'N Roses. The graphics present rebelliousness, a tendency to break the rules, as well as the careless lifestyle of artists. The colors used emphasize the strong sounds of hard rock.

shave it

Author: Monika Czapiewska 
University: University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz 
Title: #shave it - Set of razor packaging "shaveit"

​#shaveit is the design of a series of packaging for disposable razors and a reusable razor. Packaging encourages the user from playing with the packaging. By opening the hook, the user "shaves" famous people whose hair was an important part of the image. In this way, Frida Kahlo, Freddie Mercury, Salvador Dali and Charlie Chaplin are stripped of their eyebrows / mustaches and it turns out that ... it makes the difference.

grow gift

Author: Lizaveta Fiadosava-Wójcik 
University: Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Title: „grow gift” - Packaging-surprise with an unknown flower onion

The perfect gift for any occasion. Surprise content, form and opening method guarantee the recipients an unforgettable experience. Made of biodegradable paper reminiscent of a flower crown. It opens and closes in the way the flowers bloom and close the petals. It can act as a pot. It contains bulbs of an unknown flower. A simple instruction shows how to grow it (after growing it turns out what a flower it is). Thanks to the "grow gift", even simple things and gestures gain exceptional value.


Author: Wojciech Zabel 
University: University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz 
Title: Hooks - Packaging for fishing hooks

Fishing passion is becoming more and more popular among young people. Modern, comic graphic concept of the packaging will stand out on the store shelf. It can also be a great gift for fishing enthusiasts. Packaging designed to rest / hang on store shelves. The material used is 200 g / m2 laminated chalk paper. The proposed material is 200 g / m2 chalky paper foiled on one side


Author: Gabriela Żełudziewicz 
Tischner European University in Kraków

Title: Packaging for socks

Packaging shaped like the product inside (high, patterned socks).
The design is 100% ecological because it was made of one piece of paper (without the use of glue or tape). Using a simple system, the packaging can be combined in an interestingly looking three-pack.
The colorful graphic design catches the customer's eye and refers to the designs on the socks.