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"Student Zone" is a project enabling young designers to promote their modern work to a wide audience and to integrate and establish relationships with the environment of the packaging industry.

This possibility is given by participation in the competition organized during the 13th edition of the International Packaging Trade Fair Packaging Innovations, which will be held on September 15-16, 2021 at EXPO XXI Warsaw.

Laureaci konkursu Strefa Studenta 2020.

Competition Categories


Impression category

Aesthetic, modern, surprising, defining the product packed in it and, above all, standing out on the shelf. That's what packaging should be in the Impression category. The design process is also important in this category. Unconventional ideas and impeccable packaging are the basic elements of project evaluation.

Functionality and Form category

Not only appearance matters! In this category, designs for unusual packaging design solutions will be assessed. Innovative technologies, functions, security and packaging closures are elements taken into account in the Functionality and Form category. The innovativeness of solutions and perception of the recipient's needs will be assessed.

Graphic Design category

It is a category addressed to graphic designers creating interesting graphic designs on packaging. Participants can use any packaging to create coherent graphic concepts. Interesting ideas, precise execution and uniqueness of the project will be assessed in this category. Participants can submit either label or graphic designs for the packaging of one product, or a coherent concept of visual identification of the entire product line.​


Mrs. Barbara Płuciennik

Project Manager

+48 506 038 382 

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