Meeting online or face to face?

The high visitor turnout at the trade show attests to the need for face-to-face meetings. It is during a conversation that we get to know the other person best. We can spend months exchanging messages and still need a meeting to realize that our interlocutor is an indispensable business partner who shares our outlook and pursues the same business goals.
 "The trade show is one of very few venues where you get several days to meet up in person and discuss subjects that are daily covered by letters, e-mails and phone calls. It gives us a chance to talk calmly", said Mariusz Saduś, COLOR-PRESS Sp. z o.o.
An interesting opinion was also shared by Patrycja Rakowska-Dębska, STORA ENSO POLAND S.A.: "At first, I thought that people today mostly live online. But, in fact, the trade show provides us with loads of interesting insights from potential clients. Our booth has attracted a lot of interest. As an exhibitor, I am very happy with my participation in the trade show".
We also asked the opinion of Robert Rybakiewicz, Bericap Sp. z o.o.: "In reality, everything can be arranged by email, or during industry meetings, but a trade show of this kind gives us a rare opportunity to meet face to face and hold a meeting different than the ones we attend every day in our business environment or company, or internal industry meetings".

Become eco-friendly

What sets the Packaging Innovations trade show apart is its fresh perspective on the packaging industry and its constant lookout for changes underway in the business world and the economy. The world around us is changing and so is our trade show. The Ecopack Zone, for instance, has been in place for many years, but it has only recently begun to attract greater interest. This phenomenon has to do with important changes that will soon affect the packaging industry. More and more companies presenting their portfolio at the trade show are now implementing technologies and systems that support sustainable growth. Being ecological is no longer a trend, but a necessity. "For us, the trade show is more than an expo; it is a venue where we wish to address important subjects, such as the attitude of business toward ecology. This is why we have invited companies to share their knowledge and experience during the event", says Katarzyna Banach-Kowalenko, Team Manager of Packaging Innovations. In order to raise awareness of the issue of environmental pollution around the world, the organizers prepared a campaign entitled "Become Eco-Friendly". Visitors were invited to bring their plastic straws and exchange them for ecological equivalents. Instead of plastic bags, organizers handed out canvas bags that could also be used after the event.

Student Zone

This year saw the eighth time that the organizers of Packaging Innovations invited young, gifted designers to join the Student Zone. "This year's contest attracted great interest and we received a record number of applications. Nearly 100 designs were submitted. This year, we decided to divide the contest into three categories: Graphic Layout, Form and Function, and Impact. The jury confessed that it was really difficult to pick the lucky 15 that would present their portfolios at the trade show", said Katarzyna Gościańska, PR Manager of Targi w Krakowie, "The idea of splitting the main competition into three categories proved to be great. It was a fantastic move. The categories overlapped and allowed us to assess each design from a different perspective. In fact, all the projects submitted to the first stage of the contests were already of very high quality. Choosing just five for the next stage proved difficult for the whole jury. I think that each of the submissions could make it in the packaging market", said Dominika Żebrowska, DS. Smith Polska Sp. z o.o., jury member. Packaging Innovations is a venue where both Polish and foreign companies present their portfolios, and thus offers an excellent opportunity to forge valuable business contacts likely to pay dividends in the future. It is also a place where you can bounce your design off other participants and talk to industry experts. "What I really liked about the Student Zone was that the guests and the visitors threw themselves actively into the trade show and mined it for details and inspirations; we also exchanged visiting cards, which was great; this doesn't happen at every trade show", said Mikołaj Chrostowski (designer of the "Remedi" packaging), one of the finalists.

Knowledge is the key to success

This year's agenda for the workShops zone, an open space that hosted meetings with renowned industry experts, stirred strong emotions long before the event, because of the people invited to share their experience with the audience. A lot of interest was attracted by a meeting with Róża Rutkowska, who introduced visitors to SCOBY, the biodegradable, edible packaging of the future. Visitors also enjoyed a workshop entitled "How to design to recycle", as well as a presentation "Scale for Good", devoted to the packaging and waste recycling strategy adopted by McDonalds and delivered by Anna Borys-Karwacka, McDonald’s Polska Sp. z o.o. This shows that eco-solutions are attracting wide interest.
The next edition will take place on 1-2 April 2020.

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