This year's 13th edition of the fair was organised jointly with the Marketing and Printing Festival. Joining forces of two big players – Targi w Krakowie and OOH Magazine – resulted in a wide exhibition offer and an interesting accompanying programme. The event met with great interest of both Exhibitors and Visitors who, during their conversations, repeatedly emphasised how much they needed this type of meetings to acquire and consolidate contacts, gain knowledge and be inspired.


The trade fair industry is back on track with renewed vigour, as best exemplified by the past event. Everyone – Organisers, Exhibitors, Visitors and Experts giving presentations in the workShops zone were very hungry for industry events. “I am glad that once again we were able to create a convenient space for business discussions. The best reward for us are the congratulations coming from the Exhibitors, who gained dozens of new contacts at the fair”, summarises Ewa Woch, Vice-President of Targi w Krakowie.
The need for face-to-face discussions is great, as best evidenced by the words of the Exhibitors. “The reason for the decision to attend Packaging Innovations this year was the hunger for meetings. Things can be done through instant messaging, but we are brought up on face-to-face meetings and both we and the clients were sick of sitting. We wanted to meet up, talk, go out somewhere – it’s a completely different atmosphere, a different type of conversation”, emphasises Daniel Gawryś, Key Account Manager, Fano Sp. z o.o. Artur Drożdż, Sales Specialist, Color-Press Sp. z o.o., is of a similar opinion.

“Participation in the fair was decided by the interruption caused by the pandemic. We were already longing for the meetings, for the atmosphere surrounding the event, for the conversations. In addition, the Packaging Innovations trade fair is always very attractive to us and we like coming to it”.

The past months have made it clear that despite the rapid adaptation to the online world, face-to-face contacts still remain invaluable. “We are delighted to have participated in the event and to have been able to return to fair life. I believe that the greatest value of this type of meeting is the opportunity to present an offer that cannot be presented over the phone. Sometimes looking at a product ‘live’ opens eyes and creates room for conversation”, summarised Piotr Kuligowski, Commercial Specialist, Novacode. Sp. z o.o.

The value of direct contact was also emphasised by visitors. “It's nice to meet someone you've only spoken to on the phone. This is certainly important, which is why such events will always, to a greater or lesser extent, be needed and will function. At the trade fair you can also get inspired, learn about new products and see interesting applications”, pointed out one of the participants.


For the second year in a row, the organisers of Packaging Innovations proved that it is possible to prepare an event at the highest level while maintaining sanitary restrictions. “Before our arrival we had wondered whether there would be much interest, whether the attendance would be good, but the Packaging Innovations Fair, as always, pleasantly surprised us with interesting meetings, a large number of customers and very interesting conversations. We are glad that we can finally meet face to face and not from behind a computer screen”, summarised Aleksandra Czarniecka, Sale & Expert Specialist, Etigraf Sp. z o.o

Exhibitors took full advantage of the two fair days to present their offers and build new relationships. “The interest in the products on our stand is enormous, we can't keep up with the workload. We are visited both by people looking for specific solutions and those looking for inspiration. Through conversations, we can learn about our customers’ perspectives and needs”, emphasised Artur Drożdż of Color-Press Sp. z o.o. Piotr Wiśniewski, CEO, DBR77 Robotics Sp. z o.o. did not hide his positive attitude. “First of all, we managed to find several customers and secondly, several potential partners that are important to us. The contacts we have made here can have a significant impact on our further development. For a company like ours – a start-up at a very flexible point in its development – these types of events can be particularly important”.
Companies have repeatedly stressed that the strength of the Packaging Innovations trade fair is that it is a mirror of the industry. “The name of the fair – Packaging Innovations – sounds adequate to what is happening at the event, which is why we exhibit here periodically. We treat the trade fair as a platform for gaining knowledge, learning about trends, seeing what is happening in the market and what we can later adopt in our packaging”, noted Bartosz Suski, Area Sales Manager, Jokey Poland Sp. z.o.o.

Lectures in the WorkShops zone are an integral part of the Packaging Innovations trade fair. This is a unique opportunity to take part, free of charge, in presentations led by specialists who share their knowledge and experience during their speeches. This year, the meetings were led by 12 experts. Among them you could meet Rainer Kuhn, Managing Director of the PrintCity Alliance, together with representatives of the association's companies: PC Print, WEILBURGER and Graphics discussing the topic of “Sustainable Premium Packaging”, Mikołaj Maśliński, President of the Management Board of MAŚLIŃSKI Law & Consulting sp. z o.o. presenting the topic “Extended producer responsibility in light of draft legislation. Will there be a revolution on the packaging market?”, or Irek Korczyński from Studio IKAR bringing closer the issue of “Brand promotion through branding”.


On the first day of the fair, prizes were awarded in the 10th edition of the Student Zone Competition. The aim of the competition is to give a chance to young, talented designers who are taking their first professional steps. Participating in Packaging Innovations enables them to meet representatives of key companies in the market who are looking for young talent. By the vote of the Jury, the winners of the 10th edition of the Student Zone Competition were:
  • in the Impression category – Gabriela Żełudziewicz presenting the “Cre-ate chocolate” packaging
  • in the Functionality and Form category – Gabriela Skrobacka presenting the OKres BOX packaging for hygiene products
  • in the Graphic Design category – Michalina Garnik presenting a honey packaging with pop-up function
Additionally, in the Impression category, the distinction was awarded to Wojciech Zabel presenting “Hair Bands – A series of packages for hair elastics”.
Despite the many changes around, one thing remains the same – the need for contact, conversation, sharing knowledge and experience. This task is fulfilled by the trade fair, which for years has been a forum for exchanging experiences and discussing upcoming trends.

You can’t miss the next edition of Packaging Innovations in EXPO XXI Warsaw takin place on 31 May – 1 June 2022. Save the date!


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