The strength of the workshops

Organizers of the Packaging Innovations Fair know that the key to opening the gate of success is a balanced combination of theory and practice. The result of this combination is the workShops zone - a space created for visitors, in which experts share their experience, initiating participants into the secrets of the industry. There will be 30 workshop meetings which will be the essence of specialist issues and deep case analysis. Przemysław Kędzierski from Browar Raduga will explain how to pack a niche product to reach a wide range of clients, Robert Lis from DS Smith Packaging will explain what the packaging strategy is and why it is worth to be implemented. The whole presentation will be based on the example from FMCG sector. For dessert, Marek Skrętny will tell the rebranding history of pioneer beer brands of the Amber Brewery. Participation in the WorkShops Zone is free of charge for visitors of the Fair - all you need to do is to register at

The vanguarde of packaging

Technological innovations, innovative solutions and market novelties that create original and unusual trends in the industry. During the Packaging Innovations Fair Exhibitors will present over 70 innovations that shed new light on packaging. Solutions that are particularly popular this year concern brands that care about the environment. The EKOPACK zone will include among others the recycled packaging. Polpak Packaging will present packaging and closures with elements of natural wood. The TRUSTCONCEPT® - a solution from PC Print company - which is the combination of optical elements with mobile data access will surely be a great surprise for visitors. The product which stands out from the competition give customers the confidence that it is original.
A fresh look

Young and talented designers who can conquer the industry in the future. They break the patterns and bring a breath of freshness to the market. Once again they will meet in the Student Zone which is a competition that allows young and creative designers to set the first but important steps in the packaging world. How it's working? Firstly they have to design and make innovative and original packaging. At a specially prepared Student Zone stand, a professional jury appointed by the Organizer will select 3 best projects which combines a surprising idea with functionality. The winner of the first place will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to establish valuable business contacts, which in the future may result in permanent cooperation and implementation of many projects.
Professional knowledge presented by industry professionals is the quintessence of two conferences organized as part of the program accompanying Packaging Innovations. "What does your packaging say?" – it’s the topic of the third edition of Label Innovations conference, which is a valuable lesson in the creation and production of unique packaging and labels. This is a dose of condensed knowledge combined with the business experience of experts from many overlapping fields of the industry. How to refine your packaging? What attracts the customer's attention? How do you legally protect your product from copying? These and many other questions will be answered on the first day of the Fair.

In turn, Packaging (R)evolution is the place where packaging meets the latest technological solutions. Speakers in short and dynamic presentations will talk about surprising and revolutionary ideas. It’s 20 minutes (because so much will last one presentation) of specifics which won’t bore the listeners but will also in stimulate their creativity. The special guest of the conference will be Tomasz Szacon - a representative of Retail Poland - who will tell you how to start talking with retail chains and turn these conversations into success and will show how important the packaging is.
Packaging matters

Packaging Innovations exhibition show that packaging is not an useless addition to purchased products, but an integral part of them which increase the attractiveness of products and adds prestige to them. Against the background of many functions that packaging meets, a difficult and demanding fight for the attention of the consumer is clearly visible. The customer decides whether to buy in just a few seconds. The element which tip the scales of victory in favor of a specific product is the original and characteristic packaging which distinguishes the brand from the competition. Every year on the design market new trends appear and they have to meet the changing expectations and needs of buyers. International Packaging Fair - Packaging Innovations - gathers all trends in one place, giving Visitors a powerful dose of industry knowledge and invaluable inspiration.