The Student Zone organised during the International Packaging Innovations Trade Fair at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw proves that we should believe in our dreams and doggedly pursue our ambitions. The organisers have decided to check out what has happened to the careers of previous participants in the Trade Fair. However, before doing that, here are a few details about the competition.

The competition is aimed at young designers who aren't afraid of challenges and who, while still at university, wish to nurture their future careers. The entrants have to design an item of packaging. The material used in the prototype is not important. What is important is the idea itself. Both Internet users and industry professionals judge the entries. The most interesting items are then exhibited in a special zone at the Trade Fair. It is worth adding that at the previous Trade Fair there were 170 exhibitors and four thousand visitors both from Poland and abroad, highlighting the global reach of this event and the opportunities it creates for young people.

During the Trade Fair students have the chance for their ideas to be scrutinised by industry professionals. Hours of conversation with industry experts, inspiring meetings, the possibility of presenting your own ideas – if you dare to 'unpack your idea', you can gain all this.

During previous editions of the Trade Fair, students have surprised us by the creative nature of their approach to the subject matter. One of the entries was called 'Penguin – the vitamin friend', designed by Magdalena Witkowicz, a graduate of the Łódź Art and Design College (Wyższa Szkoła Sztuki i Projektowania). She went on to qualify for the final of the prestigious Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2014 competition, organised by the Pro Carton Association, a partner of the Trade Fair. Thanks to this competition, this packaging was soon on the road to success on the Italian market.

Thanks to the international nature of the Trade Fair, students have the opportunity to present their packaging to foreign exhibitors and visitors. This is how Alicja Wańczak reflects on the impact of the Student Zone: 'After taking part in the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair in 2013, I succeeded in getting some work for a Moscow cosmetics company. Recently I have been designing Internet advertising banners for a Polish cosmetics company selling natural, herbal-based cosmetics. As a young design student I take on really varied work. Every new topic, assignment, contract or undertaking enriches my design portfolio, allowing me to gain experience and broaden my sphere of activity.'